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soupcan's notes for Perfect Dark: Source

Server Setup

Setting up a barebones server doesn't differ much from any other Source mod. The process is pretty well documented elsewhere, so I'll keep it brief:

  1. Get SteamCMD
  2. Using SteamCMD, download AppID 205 ("Source Dedicated Server")
  3. Get the server files
  4. Extract the pdark folder somewhere (preferably within your folder that has srcds.exe)
  5. Run srcds.exe with the -console -game pdark options (change pdark to the path of the folder if it's outside your CWD)

The GUI launcher seems to be broken with this version of SrcDS, so you'll be stuck running it in console mode. Oh well, nothing of value is lost

Avoiding Crashes

The PD:S dedicated server is very unstable. One way to prevent the crashes that predictably occur minutes after the server starts is to disable mp_timelimit. You can use mp_fraglimit instead.

Even then, the server will crash after a while. Sometimes it will go an hour without crashing, other times it will crash after 5 minutes. There's no rhyme or reason to it that I know.

SourceMod Setup


First, you'll of course need Metamod. As of writing (27 April 2020, Metamod version 1.10.7-git971), the latest version of Metamod works for Perfect Dark: Source.

However, you do need to make a quick change to your addons/metamod.vdf to get Metamod to load:

   "file"	"../pdark/addons/metamod/bin/server"

SourceMod Install

Currently, the last version of SourceMod known to work is 1.8.0-git6050. You can get it here or from this mirror.

After setting up Metamod and SourceMod (with the metamod.vdf modification noted above), you should have Sourcemod working. You can verify this by running sm version (no underscore) from either the server console, or any connected client.

SourceMod Plugins

I have not tried any third-party plugins. However, when it comes to the included plugins, the essentials do work (sm_rcon, kick, ban, mute/gag/silence, etc).

I have had trouble with the "fun commands" (burn, freeze, drug, ...). Almost none of them work. Go ahead and just move funcommands.smx and funvotes.smx to the disabled folder.

Linux Server

Years ago, when Valve transitioned from the hldsupdatetool to steamcmd, they messed up the Steam depots and it's no longer possible to download the Linux Source Dedicated Server for Source SDK Base 2006. Rather than test your luck finding a reliable copy of the files, you can follow the WINE instructions I wrote for GoldenEye: Source. Just use Steam AppID 205 instead of 310.


These are the notes I've gathered so far trying to run a Perfect Dark: Source server. You probably don't want to run a dedicated server for long (it's not a very good experience), but hopefully this will help those of you who are curious enough to try.